I'm Yu Siang, a visual designer based in Singapore. I love making pretty and meaningful stuff, such as illustrations, logos and magazines, and I'm particularly interested in UX design.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy). Which means I can converse with you about kerning, white spaces, conversion funnels and profit margins in the same breath—if I inhale deeply enough.

I created a project called Building Singapore, born out my love for the country. I also publish my own webcomic. This website is coded by me.



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Types of People

What type of person are you? That question can actually be interpreted in two different ways, especially if you're a designer. Types of People is a series of typographic posters designed by me that anthropomorphises typefaces and re-imagines them as, well, different types of people.

So the next time someone asks you just what type of person you are, you can say that you're totally a Gotham. Or a Helvetica. Just don't ever be a Comic Sans.

Designing the posters

This series of typographic posters is a whimsical showcase of various typefaces and their generally (stereotypically) associated characteristics. The posters were designed in a half-day sitting, with the help of late afternoon orally-administered caffeine.

1. Helvetica

Helvetica Helvetica

2. Helvetica Neue Ultralight

Helvetica Neue Ultralight Helvetica Neue Ultralight

3. Times New Roman

Times New Roman Times New Roman

4. Comic Sans

Comic Sans Comic Sans

5. Tahoma

Tahoma Tahoma

6. Verdana

Verdana Verdana

7. Gotham

Gotham Gotham

8. Myriad Pro

Myriad Pro Myriad Pro

9. Din

Din Din


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