I'm Yu Siang, a visual designer based in Singapore. I love making pretty and meaningful stuff, such as illustrations, logos and magazines, and I'm particularly interested in UX design.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy). Which means I can converse with you about kerning, white spaces, conversion funnels and profit margins in the same breath—if I inhale deeply enough.

I created a project called Building Singapore, born out my love for the country. I also publish my own webcomic. This website is coded by me.



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SG Tipsy Trivia

SG Tipsy Trivia, Singapore’s only regular Singapore-themed pub quiz, wanted a refreshing new logo that represents their fun and spirited identity. I designed a clean, hipsteresque logo that reflects the pub quiz’s unique mix of booze, fun and intellectual curiosity.

SG Tipsy Trivia logo

It’s all about the beer

SG Tipsy Trivia is a community whose identity is inseparably tied to beer. So right from the start, they wanted the logo to reflect that connection. Not only should the logomark make a reference to the amber malt beverage, its general form should also be reminiscent of a beer coaster. Also, since the pub quiz's presence is mainly on social media channels, the logo should be designed to fit well within the square frame of most social media profile pictures.

When working on logo designs, I always work with monotone colours first, so that I can focus on the most minimal essence of the logos. It becomes more apparent whether or not a logo fails to convey its intended message when it is first drafted in a monotonic colour scheme.

Here’s a pair of one of the early draft designs, in dark and light variants: Draft designs

After some tweaking and adding colours, here’s the final logo design:

Final design

Final design, in coloured, light & dark schemes

Stationary mockup

Tipsy-themed stationary set

Beer coaster

And of course, the obligatory Tipsy-themed beer coaster


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