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I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy). Which means I can converse with you about kerning, white spaces, conversion funnels and profit margins in the same breath—if I inhale deeply enough.

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A company booklet you'll wanna read

2359 Media, a digital services consultancy, wanted a corporate portfolio booklet that beautifully showcases the company's best works. I designed a clean, colourful magazine that invites readers to explore the company's digital masterpieces.

A company booklet you'll wanna read

A portfolio that stands out

When 2359 Media wanted a portfolio booklet to display its finest work, it wanted something a little different. It wanted a booklet that felt as inviting as a magazine and as professional as a product catalogue, something that stands out.

Together, we envisioned what that would look like: an image-focused, magazine-inspired booklet, with full-spread photography showcasing the company's digital products and clean, modern typography that explains the key technical elements of each product. This vision lay the groundwork for the project, which I then worked on to create the beautiful end product.

Designing a magazine: layout, typography and copy

Layout, typography and copy: these are the critical elements that build a magazine, and are also the factors that either make or break it. The layout of a magazine provides coherence and structure; its typography sets the tone of the copy; and the copy provides the right information at the right pace to engage readers.

The layout provides a skeleton from which to create the pages of the magazine. I wanted the layout to be coherent across different projects while allowing for flexibility and variability. Flexibility is crucial here because the full-spread photography meant that the elements in each page had to move according to the background photo used for each project.

Here's the layout I created for the spreads of the magazine that showcase the various projects from the company:

In particular, the body copy provides a narrative that describes the innovations employed by 2359 Media to solve their clients' problems, and is designed for readers who could spare the time to carefully peruse the magazine.

Project highlights, on the other hand, are meant for page-flipping readers, and emphasise the main technical aspects and innovations of the digital product. This means that different reader archetypes - the casual reader and the careful peruser - can both get the information they want in an elegant fashion.

A modular approach was adopted in the layout, which means that the different sections can be shifted around to adapt to the different compositions of full-spread photos used in each product.

The typefaces for the magazine were chosen to reflect a clean, modern and professional tone of the company. Futura was selected for the headlines and titles, not only because it was the company's corporate font, but also because it reflects the cutting-edge modernity of the digital solutions consultancy.

For the body copy, Helvetica, a clean, neutral typeface was chosen to complement the stronger Futura typeface.

Booklet Typography

Typography in the magazine

For the magazine, two types of copy were needed: a long form, narrative-style body copy to describe the project, as well as a condensed feature-highlights copy that brings out the innovations of each product in as little words as possible. While most of the information needed is already available in the company's website, they still needed to be greatly edited and distilled to fit the two types of copy.

Putting it all together

As a final step to designing the magazine, I sourced for all the featured images to be placed in each spread. Here's an example of the background image for the Newsloop app spread:

Here are some spreads of the magazine, with all the elements coming together modularly:

What if stat boards had hipster logos

Cover of magazine

What if stat boards had hipster logos

Opening spread - Introduction to 2359 Media

What if stat boards had hipster logos

Product spread - NewsLoop app

What if stat boards had hipster logos

Product spread - HungryGoWhere app

What if stat boards had hipster logos

Closing spread - Clients showcase

You can view the softcopy of the magazine here.


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