Teo Yu Siang

Teo Yu Siang

What if stat boards in Singapore had hipster logos?

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Singaporeans kind of have a love-hate relationship with their government statutory boards. They represent at once the orderliness of a fast-paced city and the state's intrusion into our daily lives, from the kind of books we read to the amount of money we save. So what happens when I turn everyone's familiar stat board logos into new, hipster-esque faces?

Hipsterizing the iconic logos

I took 8 of the most familiar and iconic stat board logos in the country, and tried to imagine what they’d look like if they were established by a group of coffee-drinking, Ray-Ban donning hipsters rather than a committee of technocrats. In some instances, I retained key elements of the traditional logos—such as the three keys in the CPF Board logo—while in others I reimagined the logo entirely.

Here are the results:

Popular public reception

Singaporean netizens loved the hipster stat board logos. SGAG, Singapore’s version of 9GAG, picked up the designs and shared it on Facebook and Twitter, where it went viral.

Other local sites, such as Coconuts Singapore and The Breakfast Network, have also shared their love online and on social media. In total, the hipster logos managed to generate more than 36,000 views.

Which meant the logos probably aren't that hipster anymore.

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